Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Year, New Charlotte Avenue

2014 looks to be a very productive year for progress along Charlotte Avenue. The momentum has not let up – it seems we get more good news every month. There are some really great projects that have already begun along Charlotte and some that will break ground at some point this year.

While details are scarce, the one major announcement that we have yet to hear anything on is what the major development in the North Gulch will look like. We do know that HCA will occupy at least a third of the site, but Northwestern Mutual and Boyle have been silent, despite a recent announcement that details were tentatively going to be released in January. 

To give you an idea of the many great things happening along Charlotte Avenue, I’ve put together a development map above highlighting the various projects that are taking place throughout the corridor. While there isn’t much activity west of White Bridge Road, there is some expansion taking place at Nashville West. 

Here’s to a great year. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Details emerging on mixed use development at Charlotte/46th

A representative for the planned development at Charlotte and 46th presented at the most recent Sylvan Park Neighborhood Association meeting and shared some details of what will be taking shape on the most prominent corner on the corridor.

I am still trying to get in touch with the speaker to see if I can obtain any renderings, but for now here is what I know:

The parking lot in the northeast quadrant of the site is currently owned by ML Rose and is used for overflow parking. The abandoned service station (the green field) which was for a short time also a cell phone accessory shop, was recently demolished. I can only assume that the remaining parcel (in red) will be acquired at some point, just not sure when. It houses some sort of nondescript business (I want to say it has something to do with fire extinguishers?) which is still in operation as far as I can tell.

Again, I hope to get in touch with the developer soon to share more information on this exciting project.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mixed-use development slated at former Charlotte Ave Church of Christ property

Ever since the property at 46th/Charlotte sold, surrounding neighbors and businesses have been anxiously awaiting the slightest tidbit of news on what is to come for the high profile lot. In the last few weeks there have been signs of activity on the site. One neighbor saw a core sample drilling truck as well as some survey flags being placed. This activity, while minor, created a buzz that maybe soon we would learn what is to come.

A story ran in The Tennessean this morning, shedding a little light on the planned development. Details are sparse, but the prevailing theory amongst those quoted is that a mixed-use development will go in.

As of right now, the developer (who couldn't be reached for comment) is in the midst of working with Metro Water Services to determine whether or not there is still a public sewer main located on the site. If not, the project can move to the next step which involves abandoning a city easement on the property.

There is also some activity a few hundred yards east. An abandoned upholstery shop that once sat next door to LeQuire Gallery has finally been leveled. According to a permit report, Liberty Construction Co. plans to erect a two story building with retail on first floor and a law office on the second. Hopefully I can obtain a site plan on this soon.

This is great news for the corridor, and I hope to have more information to share with you soon.

Friday, December 20, 2013

HCA subsidiaries headed to NW Mutual site, announcement on rest of development could be next month

Well maybe someone will build a marina on West End, cause it looks like Lake Palmer's going to get it's lease extended for at least several more months.

HCA announced this week that they will be no longer be moving subsidiaries Sarah Cannon and Parallon to the long awaited West End Summit––a project that has popped the clutch on more than one occasion since it's groundbreaking in early 2007. Rather than leasing space in the yet to be built twin towers near the West End/Broadway split, HCA has decided to purchase a little over 10 acres from Northwestern Mutual from their still unannounced North Gulch development simply dubbed "Capitol View".

Northwestern Mutual has been allocating land north of Charlotte and east of I-40 for quite awhile now. Most of the structures that sat on the 30+ acre site have been leveled, leaving most to speculate that an announcement on the planned development was imminent.

Now that HCA has made a splash with their announcement, it looks like Northwestern is ready to show their cards.

Officials tied to Northwestern Mutual stated that they will make an announcement on what they plan to do with the remaining 20+ acres sometime in January.

Stay tuned. This will be big news.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Out with burritos in with hot chicken

It was reported yesterday that after being open for barely a year Nuvo burrito unfortunately had to close it's doors last week. My guess would be lack of burrito eaters––never really saw the parking lot full at the establishment. It seems like there's a new burrito joint popping up on every corner and I feel Nuvo had to compete with that as well as nearby tex-mex all star Local Taco. Sad to see them go, but happy to report a new tenant will be opening their doors in the next couple months.

Hattie B's hot chicken which currently has a location in midtown at Broadway and 19th, will be opening a second location at the former Nuvo Burrito. For a few more details on the opening, check out this NBJ article. Hopefully they'll fare better than Nuvo did.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Charlotte Avenue development briefs

Just a few tidbits to report on as Charlotte Avenue continues to gain more attention.

New Business

Planet Fitness is in fact taking over the former McKay's Used CDs and Books location across from Krogers on Charlotte Avenue. I have seen no reports of an opening date, but I would assume they'll have their doors open in time for all the folks setting new year's resolutions.

Speedy Cash I think everyone knows where I stand on these predatory establishments...I was hoping that the new building was going to be something a little more reputable than another quick cash place, but sign went up recently confirming. This building is located east of the Kroger on Charlotte in a newly rehabbed building.

Ascend Federal Credit Union is constructing a brand new facility at 1901 Charlotte Avenue. The permit states that the location will have drive thru teller service. No mention of an estimated open date.

KSA Martial Academy recently opened across from Richland Park. For details visit their site here.

Re*store Neighborhood Spa had a soft opening this weekend. A quaint spa offering massage, nail and aesthetic services in a peaceful and relaxing setting. Stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring an interview with the owner of Re*store.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

HG Hill Purchases Former MNPD West Precinct

In an NBJ article published yesterday, Nevin Batiwalla reports that HG Hill has purchased the vacant police west precinct property that sits in HG Hill park in front of the Nashville West shopping center. Early plans call for a business park to go into the space. The report also states that the replica of the James Robertson cabin will remain as well as the small park space.

Stay tuned for more details on this project.