Friday, February 6, 2015

Charlotte Avenue Briefs

New Fire Station #19 breaks ground
Mayor Dean and other public figures broke ground for a new Fire Station 19 a block off of Charlotte on 26th Avenue (across the street from the new Public Health Center). The project is scheduled to be complete sometime in the fall.

New salon coming to 42nd/Charlotte development
Green Pea Salon (of 12South) is opening another location and will fill out the remaining empty parcel of the development that currently houses Blooma Yoga Studio, Flip Burger and Beer Pale. This would be third hair salon to enter the local market. Monty's has been open since last summer (Charlotte/46th) and East Nashville salon, Scout plans to open a location in Sylvan Park.

West 46th
The planned apartment complex at the corner of Charlotte/46th - West 46th - has a construction fence up and some grading equipment on-site. Scheduled to be open Spring 2016.

OneC1ty updates site plan
One C1ty has released an updated site plan for their major development at Charlotte/28th Ave. The first building broke ground several weeks ago and the City Blox portion of the development (that implements the use of large storage crates) is moving along nicely as well.


Rob Atkins said...

Please give us an update!!!!!

chris said...

Hey Rob - thanks for following up. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any major news to write about. I have been retweeting little tidbits here and there. For now, that's the best way to get any news on Charlotte Avenue's progress. Follow me: @charlotteavetn

Diane said...

Hi! There are a few Charlotte Ave developments that have piqued our interest. First is the building on the corner of Charlotte and Hillwood Blvd where the old Shell station was. Is that really going to be a Panda Express? Ugh.

Second location - corner of Charlotte and 28th/31st Connector, on the northeast side. What is that building with no windows??

Lastly, the old Howard Johnson hotel was torn down. Any ideas what will go in its place?

Thanks for all your helpful information. My husband and I love your site!

chris said...

Hey Diane! Thanks for following!

yes to Panda Express

NE corner of Charlotte/Connector - that is an apt complex going up. the building with no windows you're referring to is the parking garage. they've just started erecting the actual apt building in the past week or so. I can't remember who is developing this property or how many units are planned.

The old HoJo site is an expansion of Nashville West (called the Overlook at Nashville West), an unnamed hotel plus an Outback Steakhouse (relocating from West End) are going in. At least one (maybe two) more unnamed restaurants will also end up here. In addition to these and the Panda Express, there is also a Pollo Tropical about to open in Nashville West.

On an unrelated note, we just got word of the first announced tenant at Sylvan Heights Hill Center - it's another burger place - Atlanta based Farm Burger will be opening next Spring.

Be sure to follow me on twitter @charlotteavetn - that's where most of my updates have been coming from lately!

Seven Directions Community Acupuncture said...

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that Seven Directions Community Acupuncture is moving to 3808 Park Ave (a former church and Salvation Army building). We are currently on Music Row and are so excited to be part of the Charlotte Ave redevelopment. We offer affordable acupuncture - check out our website We will be moving in on Nov 1, 2015. Also in the building will be Healing Well Yoga Studio.
Many thanks!
Judy Gibson, LAc

Laura Binkley said...

Hi! Can you tell us what's going on with the side walk/utility work on Charlotte? I'm hoping some of the too numerous to count telephone poles will be coming down. Thanks!

Terry Yaki said...

It's been a year since your last post. Would love to see some more things! I check it almost every day to see if things have been added.

chris said...

hello folks! im really sorry for being MIA - every facet of life has got me buried to my eyeballs, and unfortunately this blog gets put on the back back burner when things are busy. What makes it even more unfortunate is there is plenty of news to share. I hope I can find a pocket of time soon to give a comprehensive update on that status of Charlotte's rapid growth. In the meantime, I will try to address the questions in this comment thread:

@Laura - Im pretty sure that all of the utility work happening on the sidewalks is fiber optic cable being laid.