Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mixed-use development slated at former Charlotte Ave Church of Christ property

Ever since the property at 46th/Charlotte sold, surrounding neighbors and businesses have been anxiously awaiting the slightest tidbit of news on what is to come for the high profile lot. In the last few weeks there have been signs of activity on the site. One neighbor saw a core sample drilling truck as well as some survey flags being placed. This activity, while minor, created a buzz that maybe soon we would learn what is to come.

A story ran in The Tennessean this morning, shedding a little light on the planned development. Details are sparse, but the prevailing theory amongst those quoted is that a mixed-use development will go in.

As of right now, the developer (who couldn't be reached for comment) is in the midst of working with Metro Water Services to determine whether or not there is still a public sewer main located on the site. If not, the project can move to the next step which involves abandoning a city easement on the property.

There is also some activity a few hundred yards east. An abandoned upholstery shop that once sat next door to LeQuire Gallery has finally been leveled. According to a permit report, Liberty Construction Co. plans to erect a two story building with retail on first floor and a law office on the second. Hopefully I can obtain a site plan on this soon.

This is great news for the corridor, and I hope to have more information to share with you soon.