Monday, February 18, 2008

UNCONFIRMED: Rite Aid No Longer Pursuing Charlotte & 46th Project

I received unconfirmed news this morning that Rite Aid Pharmacy is potentially pulling out of the proposed deal that would replace the current Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ with one of their pharmacies.

I received an email from a member of Rite Aid's real estate department informing me that they were at one time pursuing the property, but have since abandoned the project.  Below is the body of the email:

Thank you for your inquiry. Our company was at one time considering the site you noted for a drug store but that is no longer the case.  We wish you the best with your design plan for this Nashville community.

Karen Smith
GVP Real Estate
Rite Aid Corporation

I am currently trying to confirm if this is in fact true and that we are both talking about the same piece of property.  If it holds true, I would like to hope that it's a result of everyones correspondence to the company.  Thank you for taking the time to make your case known.  Please stay tuned for the latest on this issue.


Anonymous said...

Who is the other bid from? You said 2 offers...

chris said...

As of yet, I don't have details on the other two developers and/or their proposals. I will try to have more information on that soon.