Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Planning Commission Releases Q&A from Feb 12 Meeting

The results of this document could definitely skew the results of the poll I recently posted in the left hand column (What has affected progress along Charlotte). Just about every other question is accusatory in nature, and claiming that the efforts of the DCDP are futile and unwanted.

The good news is that the people speaking in this vein do not represent the majority - the bad news is, it's a good bet that a lot of them are current property owners along Charlotte Avenue.

I find the paranoid rants a bit dismaying in light of the MPC continuously articulating to us what a DCDP does and does not do. But what I find to be even more disheartening is why these people feel like they have to be on the defensive through this process. The community at large wishes to make this a safer and better place in hopes of evoking the great corridor that Charlotte Avenue once was. I would venture to guess that a lot of the current property owners were around when Charlotte was at its best. Why would they not want to revisit that place and time?

Progress is almost always an uphill journey. No doubt, that will be the case with Charlotte. It will take communication, compromise and understanding amongst ALL stakeholders in order to realize the ultimate vision for this important part of our community.

PDF DocumentQuestions and answers from stakeholders attending Feb. 12 Concept Plan meeting

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