Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Church/Rite Aid Issue to be Addressed at Tonight's Meeting

In addition to the primary agenda for tonight's DCDP meeting, the church/Rite Aid issue will be addressed by Councilman Holleman (District 24). It is absolutely imperative that all those who oppose the demolition of this historic church and/or the construction of the Rite Aid, make an appearance at tonight's meeting.

Last night at the monthly Sylvan Park Neighborhood Association meeting, the congregation showed up with approximately 45 members to make public their frustrations. I was not there, but I understand things reached a boiling point. The congregation will no doubt make a debut appearance at tonight's DCDP meeting. This is why it is important that the community have equal representation on this matter. There is a good chance that a representative of the developer (NOM) who plans to build the Rite Aid will also be in attendance. The more people they see that are opposed to this plan, the better our chances of getting them to compromise.

Please make an effort to attend tonight.

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