Thursday, February 28, 2008

MPC Holding Public Hearing TODAY 4:00 PM

A very important public hearing is being held this afternoon at the Metro Southeast Building in the Green Hills Conference Room (see directions below). The Planning Commission will be hearing from the public in regards to the proposed specific plan zoning of the former Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ property at the corner of Charlotte and 46th Avenues.

The specific plan zoning would provide guidance and standards for any potential developer that plans to build on that property (when and if the church is demolished). If you wish to see sustainable, urban development take place at this prominent corner, you are urged to come to the hearing and let your concerns be heard.

The hearing begins at 4:00 pm. Directions to the Metro Southeast Building can be found here.


Anonymous said...

fyi - Not FORMER Charlotte Avenue church of Christ...the members just meet elsewhere, they still OWN it.

chris said...

I understand that they still own it and meet elsewhere for services (which would make it a former church, since they don't congregate there any longer), it was not my intention to misinform anyone.