Friday, December 20, 2013

HCA subsidiaries headed to NW Mutual site, announcement on rest of development could be next month

Well maybe someone will build a marina on West End, cause it looks like Lake Palmer's going to get it's lease extended for at least several more months.

HCA announced this week that they will be no longer be moving subsidiaries Sarah Cannon and Parallon to the long awaited West End Summit––a project that has popped the clutch on more than one occasion since it's groundbreaking in early 2007. Rather than leasing space in the yet to be built twin towers near the West End/Broadway split, HCA has decided to purchase a little over 10 acres from Northwestern Mutual from their still unannounced North Gulch development simply dubbed "Capitol View".

Northwestern Mutual has been allocating land north of Charlotte and east of I-40 for quite awhile now. Most of the structures that sat on the 30+ acre site have been leveled, leaving most to speculate that an announcement on the planned development was imminent.

Now that HCA has made a splash with their announcement, it looks like Northwestern is ready to show their cards.

Officials tied to Northwestern Mutual stated that they will make an announcement on what they plan to do with the remaining 20+ acres sometime in January.

Stay tuned. This will be big news.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Out with burritos in with hot chicken

It was reported yesterday that after being open for barely a year Nuvo burrito unfortunately had to close it's doors last week. My guess would be lack of burrito eaters––never really saw the parking lot full at the establishment. It seems like there's a new burrito joint popping up on every corner and I feel Nuvo had to compete with that as well as nearby tex-mex all star Local Taco. Sad to see them go, but happy to report a new tenant will be opening their doors in the next couple months.

Hattie B's hot chicken which currently has a location in midtown at Broadway and 19th, will be opening a second location at the former Nuvo Burrito. For a few more details on the opening, check out this NBJ article. Hopefully they'll fare better than Nuvo did.