Monday, June 23, 2008

Upgrades to come for Richland Park?

Metro Parks & Rec is holding a meeting this Wednesday (June 25) evening to gather feedback from the community on the future of Richland Park which fronts a good portion of Charlotte Avenue and is included in the study area of the DCDP. Staff will be seeking comments and ideas on what can be done to improve upon this long standing amenity of West Nashville. Comments and ideas from the meeting will eventually be integrated into a revised masterplan.

One issue at hand is the neglected pool that sits on the east side of the park. As of now, the pool is slated to be demolished in lieu of a new pool that will be housed inside the new regional community center that is planned to replace the current one at nearby McCabe Park. The park also features a library branch (pictured above), ball field, playground and tennis courts that are frequently used.

The meeting will begin at 6:30 pm and is being held in the basement of Cohn Adult Learning Center located at 4805 Park Avenue.

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emperor2354 said...

That park is Ghettofied. Parents that don't watch their kids,trash overflowing from the trash cans, bums sleeping on the picnic tables...It is just nasty. It's too bad to because the playground equipment is nice.