Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Former TDOT property sells for $1M

As reported in the Nashville Post yesterday morning, a Tennessean article today states the state property at 2200 Charlotte Avenue has indeed been sold to developer Holladay Properties.

Read the full story here.

Allen Arender, VP of development for Holladay says there are no concrete plans as of yet for the decrepit property, but that they'll be "spending the next few months analyzing the best reuse of the site..." The operative word in that quote being "reuse".

Holladay was the developer on the Sawtooth complex that houses Apple accessory giant Griffin Technology. See photos and links below.

Another win for Charlotte Avenue, as it progresses onward. We'll be watching this one closely. Stay tuned for details.

Some snippets from the web on Holladay's noteworthy renovation job on the Sawtooth building off Wedgewood:

Here is a blog on the renovation process.

An article from the Scene.

A great video on the rehab process from Griffin

And some photos...

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