Saturday, February 16, 2013

Core Development planning another micro-neighborhood

UPDATE (Feb 20):
Nevin Batiwalla from NBJ has a few more details on the particulars of the former church site in question. The property is 2.4 acres (by comparison, West End Station on the east side of Sylvan Park is roughly 3.5 acres) and the sale is contingent on getting the zoning changed to residential. There will be a meeting scheduled with community stakeholders, so please stay tuned for details.  I have to admit I'm happy that the deal with the medical supply warehouse fell through.

Core Development is said to be planning another niche community on the far west side of Sylvan Park. They plan to purchase the old church property that is located at Charlotte and 54th. I'm curious to see what they've got planned as the adjacent retail isn't easy on the eyes. How would you like a Budget Brakes in your backyard? Again, I don't know anything - maybe the development is sited differently than I've shown. So, not much in the way of details as of yet, but you can take a glimpse at these other properties that they've done (or doing) to get an idea of what this one might be like.
Stay tuned for more info.

West End Station (also in Sylvan Park)
Gale Park (near 12South & Melrose)
The Chesterfield (Hillsboro-West End)

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