Monday, April 28, 2008

Friends, Residents, Councilmen Lend Me Your Ears! (and hands!)

Based on the shrinking attendance at the last few DCDP meetings, it would appear that not a lot of residents are aware these meetings are even going on. The initial meeting held back in late January was standing room only - albeit a good majority was the Church of Christ congregation. But the size and the buzz of that first meeting was proof positive of how long overdue this process is.

It is safe to say that a good portion of those people have probably fallen off due to frustrations with the congregation and a number of property owners who wish to see no change take place along Charlotte Ave. Each meeting has had it's fair share of drama and has suffered from a negative energy that has recently dominated.

The draft Corridor Design plan for Charlotte Avenue is set to be released at the final meeting on Monday, May 12. It is imperative that a great number of residents attend this meeting to offer overwhelming support that is vital to the future of this plan.

But the word must get out.

This blog has been a bastion for the process thus far, but is not enough. Tell your neighbors to please attend this meeting on Monday, May 12th at 6:00 pm. It is located at St. Ann's Catholic Church in the Parish Hall at 51st. and Charlotte Avenues.

In addition, I hope to design a simple flyer to distribute to mailboxes this weekend alerting our neighborhood of this meeting - whether they support the plan or not. But Sylvan Park is a bit big for one guy to handle. IF anyone is available to help distribute flyers sometime this Saturday, please contact me ASAP.

Thanks! And remember May 12!

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