Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Draft Plan for Charlotte Ave/Richland Park Corridor to Be Revealed May 12

Stakeholders and community members have come a long way from the initial DCDP meeting that was held on a cold wet night in January. Next Monday, they will get a chance to see the results of the process when the Planning Commission staff reveals the draft plan.

After the MPC staff researched the history and existing natural and built environment in the Charlotte Avenue – Richland Park area, they began the second phase by entertaining ideas and exploring alternatives for growth from the community. From the initial Visioning Workshop, MPC staff created a Concept Plan, which described – at a very broad level – the community’s vision for future growth and development balanced with sound planning principles.

Follow on meetings included more focus on specific facets of the design plan, such as land use policy, transportation and building type. At each meeting, attendees were encouraged to ask questions and offer feedback.

The final meeting will be held Monday, May 12th in the Parish Hall at St. Ann's Catholic Church (51st & Charlotte) and the community will have the opportunity to offer feedback on the draft plan. This is your chance to come and see what the future holds for Charlotte Avenue. All are encouraged to attend. Please get the word out!

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