Tuesday, September 18, 2012

HG Hill making streetscape improvements at White Bridge/Charlotte

Nashville real estate giant, HG Hill owns the property on the northeast corner of White Bridge Road and Charlotte Avenue. The property currently houses a TitleMax and the other building (formerly NTB Tires) is currently being renovated for a Family Dollar (meh...). I believe that the TitleMax lease expires this year, just as NTB's did.

While I'm not jumping up and down about a Family Dollar going in, I am however pleased to see that HG Hill is investing in greening up the streetscape at that corner. Attached is a site plan of what HG Hill plans to do to spruce up the prominent corner of West Nashville.

According to the contact at HG Hill, there are still no current plans for HG Hill's other Charlotte property near 40th Avenue.

UPDATE: I was correct in saying that TitleMax's lease did expire this year, but I have been informed that the just signed on for another five years at this location.

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Anonymous said...

I like the streetscape improvements, but I was hoping for something better than a Family Dollar.