Friday, September 14, 2012

NUVO Burrito hopes to open on Charlotte mid-October

The rumor that started a few weeks ago on this blog, turned out to be true. (A special thanks to the anonymous tip, whoever you are.) Nuvo confirmed on their Facebook page today that they are in fact opening a new location in the abandoned Krystal building at the corner of 53rd and Charlotte across from Bobbies.

They also plan to open another restaurant in the Peabody Markerplace downtown. Nuvo's original location on the east side will remain open. Nuvo is known for their unique spin on the burrito, stuffing them with ingredients you don't typically find in the kitchen of tex-mex restaurant.

Nuvo also has a slew of creative cocktails for the thirsty grown ups out there as well as an ever changing beer list that is sure to please even the most discerning beer nerd.

An article in The Tennessean today states that Nuvo hopes to open it's west side location by mid-October.

Welcome to Charlotte Avenue!


Anonymous said...

Now can you find out what is going on at the old Long John Silver building one store over from Las Palmas..they are in the process of tearing it down, and So help me if it is another Title Loan place..I will be kickin some a** and taking some names..!!! LOL

chris said...

I'll do my best - I basically scour the daily permit reports or check on property tax records to see if something has sold. I'm with you - I honestly don't know how it's legal for those predatory lending establishments to stay open. Thanks for reading!