Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nashville IKEA rumors ramping up...again

How many times have we heard this story?

Once again, everybody's favorite Swedish furniture store has Nashville buzzing with hope that a big blue building displaying the words IKEA will take up residence in Music City.

This time the rumor stems from ModerNash, which is Nashville's version of IKEA-lite. The folks at ModerNash make weekly trips to IKEA in Atlanta to purchase and assemble products for Nashville customers who don't feel like driving eight hours round trip. The cost of ModerNash's services are minimal compared to IKEA's expensive shipping prices.

In this month's newsletter, ModerNash had this to say to it's customers:

"Word around IKEA Atlanta is that IKEA may open a Nashville store in the fall of 2015. IKEA is tight-lipped for now and hasn't made any official announcements, but we'll keep our ears to the ground!"

So what does this have to with Charlotte Avenue you ask? Well for those of you new to this blog, the most recent speculation on IKEA coming to Middle Tennessee came on the heels of the news that Boyle Investment Co. would be the developer of the highly anticipated North Gulch (centered on Charlotte & 11th Avenues) development owned now by Northwestern Mutual. At that time, there was speculation that Target, Publix and yes IKEA were in the running for being one of the major anchor tenants of the yet to be announced project. If IKEA is in fact seriously considering Nashville, it's a good bet the North Gulch is where it will end up. You can read more about it here.

Nevin Batiwalla over at NBJ scooped this story. It can be read in it's entirety here.

NewsChannel 5 also did a piece on this and their story claims that Nashville is in the running for a 2015 IKEA store and is competing with Miami and St. Louis.

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