Friday, October 26, 2012

Nuvo Burrito & Headquarters open for business - ML Rose just around the corner

Nuvo Burrito opened it's third location in Nashville this week in the former Krystal across from Bobbie's Dairy Dip. Haven't made it in myself, but a few neighbors I spoke with who have already eaten there, say it's great. And for a limited time they are offering free queso and guacamole with your order.

Headquarters, the small coffee shop that has steadily been preparing it's space, is now ready to open it's doors to the caffeinated public. A grand opening celebration is taking place tonight (Friday, the 26th) from 6-9pm. Headquarters is located at 4902 Charlotte Ave, across from Richland Park.

No official date on ML Rose's opening, but they seem to be hinting that they're close. After this photo (above) went up on their Facebook page, there were inquiries as to when they will be opening. They're response was "last week of the month...exact date to be announced soon."

While Headquarters had their grand opening Friday, they are unfortunately not ready to open full time due to permitting delays. But they promise to be open very soon.

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