Wednesday, September 11, 2013

HG Hill ready to talk about development at Charlotte/40th Ave

For quite some time now it's been rumored that HG Hill has something planned for it's 7+ acre site along Charlotte Avenue near 40th Ave N, and it appears that they're ready to tell the public about their project.

According to an article published in today's business section of The Tennessean, HG Hill plans to develop the property that is on the northwestern edge of Sylvan Heights into a retail mixed-use development with some single family homes/cottages.

HG Hill has yet to release any renderings or plans, but the article states that the development will "wrap around 40th Ave" which gives the impression that the project will be a true urban-style development that fronts Charlotte Avenue.

A meeting is planned for next week at Park Avenue Elementary on Wednesday, Sept 18th at 5:45pm. Jimmy Granbury, CEO of HG Hill, will be presenting their plan to neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome! I would like to see more of the cash advance places go. What is going on with the old McKay building? Noticed some activity inside...

chris said...

Trust me - you're not alone! I don't know how it's legal for those places to operate. I did hear about McKay's old space getting leased out, but I am not sure who the tenant is.